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The EndoBalance Difference

We create tools to help practitioners focus on their clients.

EndoBalance is a software solution and education process that assists a practitioner in the dietary, supplement and exercise recommendation process based on physiologic stress.

Our vision for the future of healthcare involves individualized care, research and wellness networks.

Our system includes professional education, software solutions, research and partnerships to:

  • Provide a logical approach to client recommendations
  • Offer client-centered and affordable wellness services
  • Increase the potential of a cash-based wellness practice
  • Provide a cutting-edge service that is fun and interactive

EndoBalance Software

Schedule wellness assessment visit and send a secure survey email link to client

Mobile Friendly Survey

Client fills out a mobile friendly survey on an encrypted web page

Wellness Assessment

Client visits certified practitioner for a wellness assessment

Wellness Report

Client receives a report with tailored education and recommendations

Wellness Reassessment

Track visit progress and update plan based on goals and current stressors

We are focused on a systematic approach to integrated wellness.

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